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How many are in reality?  Escorts In ulsoor To excite a woman in bed and make her reach seventh heaven some tips can allow you to make her life and feel unique things.

  1. Educate yourself

We are not born super-lover, we become! Many people think that sex is a mechanical thing, a pleasure that requires no effort. But that's not true. As with many other joys of life, it takes some education to appreciate and appreciate it fully. As with any other skill, becoming good in bed takes time, practice, and learning. And with sex, we have never finished learning, and it is even more valid for those who think already know everything! The importance of communication, the way the female orgasm works, all this is not invented but discovered.

  1. Respect the fact that it is unique

It's important to know some general things about sex, but do not forget that different things can work for different Ulsoor escorts. One thing that pleases a woman a lot is not going to be the taste of another. Whenever you are with a new person, get to know his body, the same way you get to know him as a person. When you share an intimate moment, do not be afraid to ask her what she likes and wants (even with simple questions like "what do you like?"). Pay attention to the messages she sends you. , but also to non-verbal cues, and adjust accordingly. Observe, listen, try to understand and be receptive. Does she breathe harder when you caress her in a certain way? Does she moan when you speed up?

More importantly, it is essential to get rid of any comparison with your past partners, and most importantly, not be so undisciplined as to compare it directly with your ex-partners. Thus, many men tend to say things such as "all the escorts in Ulsoor with whom I have loved this position", or "with my ex, I never had any problems to make him reach the 'Orgasm ". Not only is there nothing more offensive to her, but it is not for nothing. She does not magically change her mind about this or that position just because your ex-loved her, but she will have good reason to blame you if you do that.

  1. escorts in Bangalore

    Do not expect it to work the same way you

This may seem absurd, but many men are convinced that female sexuality works in the same way as male sexuality. For example, some men have trouble understanding why independent escorts in Ulsoor needs so much time to get excited or want to be upset... It's just a lack of knowledge and communication. Likewise, female orgasm can take longer to trigger and works very differently. One must merely understand and respect the fact that there are profound differences in the way men and women desire, are excited, and live their pleasure.

  1. Give importance (sincerely) to his pleasure

The good news is that if you genuinely want to give preference to your partner and you are not selfish by nature, the rest should follow naturally. If you have the desire to understand the comfort of your partner to make him live more intense moments with you, you will only need to understand certain things and put them into practice. Ask her what she wants to do. Spend time focusing on her body, both foreplay and after love. Tell the call girls in Ulsoor how much it excites you to hear her moan: there is nothing sexier than a partner who appreciates also giving you pleasure.

  1. For all that, do not put pressure on her to have an orgasm

Some men, on the contrary, so much at heart the fact of pleasuring their partner that they end up putting pressure on him. They think well, yet it is useless to act as if she had to orgasm. Besides it is better, to be honest, it will (probably) not an orgasm every time. Most women are susceptible to pressure and stress regarding sex (like men!), And orgasm becomes more challenging to achieve than when you feel you have to have it. a. Her pleasure must be important to you, not because you are looking for a way to flatter your ego, but because you want her to feel good.

  1. Communicate with Escorts In ulsoor

Genuine, open and honest communication is one of the strongest pillars for a fulfilling sex life with an escort from escort services in Ulsoor. You must be able to tell him what your wishes are, but also to ask him what are his. It is essential to give each other explicit messages about what you like, what you do not want.

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